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Biography > Jennifer Graham P.T.

Jennifer Graham, P.T. opened JGPT to help clients exceed their goals in rehabilitation, fitness, and injury prevention. Prior to working full time at JGPT, Jennifer worked as a staff Physical Therapist at Soul Physical Therapy in the Beverly Athletic Club, per diem work at Lahey Hospital, Danvers at the Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine for five years. She worked as a clinic director and therapist at Elite Physical Therapy, Danvers also for five years. During her time at these area practices she served as a mentor for clinical staff, coordinated educational programs for staff members with orthopedic surgeons, assisted in the practice’s marketing efforts and succeeded in helping the owners continuously improve the quality of care of the patients. She also worked closely Northeastern University's cooperative education program, developing relationships and mentoring students.

Early in her career, Jennifer spent seven years honing her skills in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine at Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy in Boston. At Kennedy Brothers, she worked with a high percentage of patients with sports related injuries and post-surgical deficits, as well as those with overuse injuries, postural impairments, and work-related injuries. Jennifer continued her relationship with Northeastern University where she taught the Gross Anatomy Lab for physical therapists for two years. She also worked as a liaison with the Northeastern Cooperative Education Department where she was responsible for interviewing, training and supervising cooperative education students.

Her professional career began at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, working with inpatients in the Chronic Pain and Complex Medical Programs. At Spaulding, she worked with a multidisciplinary team to rehabilitate patients with some of the most challenging diagnoses, severe pain and multiple medical issues. She was then chosen for a rotation position at Massachusetts General Hospital in the inpatient Orthopedic Program where she gained invaluable experience in acute care. Jennifer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern University.

A lifelong learner, Jen has continued her education over the last decade, taking numerous courses in physical therapy, strengthening, conditioning and biomechanics.

Among her greatest accomplishments, Jennifer includes her family, a lifelong commitment to health, working for 21 years in a career that she loves and finishing the Boston Marathon.

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